Reminder to self: cookware

I don't roast much meat.  But roasted meat is yummy, as are roasted vegetables.  Currently I do not own a roasting pan, I make do with either a rimmed cookie sheet for the veggies or the classic 9 by 13 pyrex pan.  I aspire to own a roasting pan, but when I look at the prices, yikes, and I wonder, do I not roast stuff due to lack of equipment?  I like to research my equipment.  Amazon reviews, Cook's Illustrated reviews,'s reviews, friends recommendations, Consumer Report's reviews…

Cook's Illustrated mentions that the Calphalon Contemporary Stainless All Season Pan is their "favorite" roasting pan (Sept & Oct 2006 issue in an article on roasted chicken).  CI calling something a "favorite" rarely seems to be the whole story of course.  So I must remember to search their site for the issue with the full-blown roaster/roasting pan review.

Yes, I realize this is a rather benign first entry, but oh well.

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August 6, 2006. Tags: . former Vox Blog, Thoughts.


  1. Librarian Amy replied:

    Look around your area for a "Chef's Outlet" at your close-by outlet malls. They're a direct reseller for Calphalon, and you can sometimes get very good deals there (especially on their bakeware). (My best friend's husband works for Calphalon, so we've got a lot of it and it's very nice. Worth the price, because it's practically indestructable and lasts forever.)

  2. AnotherYarn replied:

    Thank you. I will have to look for that store. A few years ago we found what has been dubbed "the cadillac pan" a 4 qt clad saucepan from an outlet Faberware store (millenium before they made the whole line non-stick and colored…it is pretty pretty stainless).

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