Knitting WIP number 2,583

Okay I don’t have that many WIP…  I think there are 10:

    • crochet shawl
    • crochet baby blanket (intended recipient is now 1)
    • knit scarf
    • knit tank top (actually I haven’t started yet)
    • crochet water bottle holder
    • crochet purse (actually I just need to block, steam and find embellishments)
    • knit doll blanket (I wonder if the requestor is even still interested)
    • knit scarf (I might give up on this project)
    • knit one skein baby hat, haven’t started but the baby isn’t due until October and it is one skein
    • knit xback tank top

Knitting WIP number 2,583

Then there are all the projects in my head that I want to do.  Like some National Knit Crochet a Sweater Year (I can’t remember how they abbreviated it) sweater.  I haven’t even picked a pattern or yarn for that so I don’t think it will happen.  I know I know, two tanks tops would be one sweater…but I fell in love with this bamboo/cotton yarn blend (Katia bamboo and saw this pattern book with a tank top that looks a lot like my favorite tank top, Louisa Harding yarns Beachcomber Bay Design Collection) so that went on the list.  And I already had ribbon yarn for the X back tank (from Knitty) that I found for 50% off at Michael’s (I thought wow a knitted object for only $15 worth of yarn, cool).

So I started Xback back in April.  I got thru 2 1/2 skiens in about two weeks, then I thought, this doesn’t look right and discovered that it was like twice the width I needed it to be, so I ripped it (plus I had screwed upn the seed stitch pattern).  Then I had to rewind the balls (didn’t know that I should do this on spools at the time), then I started over.  It is now August and I’m on skein 4.  I’m at the part where I have to split it to make the v-neck and I’m a little scared.  But I should just jump in and finish.  It will probably go quickly and today is a good knitting day if I ignore everything else on that to do list.

August 20, 2006. Tags: , , . Crochet, former Vox Blog, Knitting.

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