QotD: Musical Horoscope

I can't figure out (and don't feel like messing with it) how people are getting the quote thing going with the qotd.  I suspect it has something to do with following a tag or the front page of Vox.

My itunes shuffle says:

Cornflake Girl –Tori Amos*
New Slang — The Shins
I love you — Sarah McLachlan
I wish I was a girl — Counting Crows
In the morning — New World Spirits
Ain't no thang but a chickin' — Dixie Chicks*
Black river — Amos Lee
Sharks can't sleep — Tracy Bonham
Part-time lover — Stevie Wonder^
I just don't think I'll ever get over you — Colin Hay

*Indicates the music was originally purchased for me, ^Indicates music I purchased, although it was for The Husband just to show how music shy/dumb/etc I am.  Luckily I like most of TH's stuff so it all worked out.  We don't own a lot of music compared to some people I know but I lucked out, I brought like 10 CDs to the union, he brought around 150… I wonder how many more have been bought via itunes music store?  And he will buy something for me like 9 months before I will buy it for myself. 

I wonder if I will feel like hitting fastfoward for any of these songs?

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September 21, 2006. Tags: . former Vox Blog, Thoughts.

One Comment

  1. medlibrarygirl replied:

    Yes, it's on the Vox home page after you sign in. Click on
    "answer" for the QotD, and the compose page will show up with the quote
    and the subject line.

    Great to see you back!

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