Today’s lunch: Delicious Delicious Apples

When I was around 7 my elementary school had an activity day for the kids and their parents.  I don't remember a lot about it (was it a regular event, was it first or second grade?) but I do remember the building it was in, a rarely used building on the edge of the school grounds, with rumors of the area being haunted.  We made ono ono apples (this translates to delicious delicious apples).  With the help of our parents we sliced the apple (probably with one of those push-down corer-slicer thingies) and then spread peanut butter on the apple slices with a butter knife.  Then we got to eat them.  Clearly with today's awareness of peanut allergies this activity wouldn't fly with a group of kids now.

I forgot about this for many years because I didn't care very much for apples.  Then I found the granny smith apple, then the fuji and gala apple, then the braeburn apple.  And since we've moved to appleland I have discovered the honeycrisp apple, one bite and I think this apple took the seat of most beloved apple in my mouth.  I like tart, crispy apples;  none of the meal too sweet lack of flavor that red delicious apples have (which, if I believe the hearsay, and I do, were breed for size and looks).  If you do not like tart apples I think gala's are the least tart of all my favorites (braeburns and honeycrisp should be okay too, though remember I adore tart so my tart scale might be skewed).

Ono Ono Apples make a great component of a packed lunch (or breakfast).  I wish I could remember what else I pack when I have ono ono apples (which I treat as my main course).  It is simple.  Pack an apple (I like to wrap it in a papertowel and make sure it won't get bruised during traveltime) and through a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter in a small tuppeware-like container.  Add a cheapy paring knife (plastic handle, rounded tip) and your good.  At lunch time I take a slice of apple, spread some peanut butter on the flesh and eat.  Repeat.

The right amount of peanut butter might take a few tries.  I tend to be generous with my peanut butter, TheHusband tends to take very small amount with his apple.

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September 28, 2006. Tags: . Cooking, former Vox Blog.

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