I keep missing the QotDs that I want to answer

So I will answer a couple anyway.

How I met my BFFs
I wish I could say I activelly keep in touch with friends from HS.  But I don't.  So I will answer for those I still keep in touch with.  Needless to say TheHusband is a BF.

I met TheHusband (3rd year of college) through my friend S, who I met through my friend M, who I met through my other BFF H.  Which leads to my other BFF H.  Actually I have more, but I like the H story (partially cause I can link so many people through her).

I met H my 1st year of college.  We were assigned to be roommates (and we continued to be roommates when we got off-campus apartments).  Yes, isn't that cute.  It did help that we had chosen to live in this 'living community' thing but really, totally random luck.  And we didn't become instant BFF, though we became friends quickly.  She feels like a sister (and occassionally I think we managed to fight like sisters, but I'm not really sure since my sister is much younger and she doesn't even remember when I did live with them).  Sometimes we don't talk to each other enough (I've been procrastinating, for unknown reasons, writing her, I have the pretty stationary sitting on my desk just waiting) but she has always been there for me. I hope I manage to be there for her.

I love brunch.  Brunch means lazy weekend mornings.  I do like to go out for brunch but I will also do some of these at home.  Typically I do more breakfast type foods for brunch than lunch type foods.  One place we used to go to have a lovely fruit and cheese spread.  It was my introduction to gouda and brie (they also had strawberries, cubed melon, grapes, cheddar, etc).  And fresh squeezed orange juice is the best thing ever.

Out: belgain waffles (I don't have a waffle iron)  I love belgain waffles, my grandpa used to make them for me (he does have a waffle iron).  Eggs benedict (until I read something icky, haven't been able to order them since, I want my eggs benedict back darnit).

In or Out: French toast (I once had the best french toast made from a very thick slice of french bread with a caramelized crust, it was so good it didn't need syrup), pancakes, omelets, quiche

In: egg-canadian-bacon-white cheddar-english muffin sandwiches (I will make them during the week, but they are so much better when rushing out the door doesn't come immediately after eating), huevos rancheros without the egg (yes, I know it is now a tostada, but I just couldn't do it with the egg, and actually only eat this when my parents make brunch)

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October 9, 2006. former Vox Blog, Thoughts.

One Comment

  1. medlibrarygirl replied:

    Those English muffin sandwiches sound awesome! I think I'll have to try that sometime soon…thanks for the idea. 🙂

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