Behold a Finished Object!

I thought I would never finish this hat.  I picked up the yarn just before we moved.  I even stashed it in my car knitting bag, thinking that I would finish it on the 4 day drive (or maybe in the hotel at night).  Hah.  I didn't even cast on until we arrived.  And then it took 3 cast-on attempts (the first was thwarted by a bee sting, but if I had continued I would have run out of yarn at the end).  The first two were longtail, and I had my usual, too much yarn/not enough yarn problems, so I decided to try the knitted cast-on despite worries about stretchiness.  Success! 

But I just felt like I was knitting so  s  l   o   o   o    w   l   y.  About half-way through I was also convinced that I was going to run out of yarn and just wasn't ready for another knitting disappointment.  Turns out I had a whole 72 extra inches of yarn!

Yarn: Candy, color 689 by Artful Yarns
Pattern: One skein Baby Hat on the back of the yarn label, except worked in the round (I need to get over my seaming fear) and I did something a little different with my knot at top.

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October 12, 2006. Tags: . former Vox Blog, Knitting.

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