Remember the lunch series?

So do I.  My situation changed, I no longer have a microwave to reheat stuff, so my current lunch mindset is in the process of changing.  I'm still trying to do leftovers when possible, but now I have to think, "will this reheat nicely on the stove or in the oven?"  And I know this just doesn't work for most people.

But I bring you fun links.  I recently found Vegan Lunchbox, and check out the Flickr tag, Mr. Bento.  I also became slightly obsessed with Bento TV today (thank you Vegan Lunchbox), it is relatively new, so don't go watching everything at once.  I know there must be more lunch blogs out there, but I haven't gone on a search, I like finding my blogs gradually (otherwise I end up with way too much in my bloglines account I don't actually read).

Me, I'm eating a lot of soup (thank goodness for the boxed soup goodness that is TJ soup).  And a couple days ago I made some very good and quick hacked Thai stir-fried rice.  I looked at the recipe from Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet and simpliefied it (actually it didn't look all that difficult, I think I just cut out the meat).  Nonstick pan, oil, garlic (lots, 2 cloves for my cup of rice), rice, green onion, bit of fresh basil and fish sauce.  It was a very good accompaniment to my leftover chicken larb.

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October 17, 2006. Tags: . Cooking, former Vox Blog.

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