Amused, not amused

I am amused that several of my friends outlined the exact same tipping method as myself.  I am not amused when we feel the need to make sure the waitstaff is tipped appropriately while table companions tip as though we haven't been at the table for 3 1/2 hours and had the waitstaff add 2 tables during the course of the evening.

I am amused that TheHusband is so enamored of his potential hat that he asks about it almost daily.  I am not amused that I will start working on swatch number 5 (not counting last night's false start) to make sure the hat is not a disaster.

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November 13, 2006. Thoughts.


  1. fauxmiddlechild replied:

    I share the same frustration about dining compantions. I go out to eat with the guys from work a lot, and it's become obvious that I tip more than they do. THey have even told me a few times that I'm leaving a really big tip. So what? argh …

  2. CombingToes replied:

    Having a sibling that has been a server for years has made me a lot more sensitive to how long we've been there. I've been known to nudge people along and suggest we go somewhere like Starbucks to sit and chat, so that we're not keeping the server from making more money. I got a grateful smile from a really cute (and young) server once for doing this. :)That said, I'm also a lot harder to please because I've seen my fantastic sister working, and have had conversations with her about it. If the server doesn't at least make an attempt to make sure the table taken care of, ignores us until it is time to leave the check (or drops it and never comes back), or fails to refill drinks (my biggest pet peeve), I won't tip as much as normally would have, and won't rush people along, no matter how long we've been typing up the table.

  3. AnotherYarn replied:

    Yes, exactly. Tips from waiting tables put food on my table for many years (my parents were both servers when I was younger, I don't know if I could do it).

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