The beta mittens

When my friend H said that her little girl, S, could use mittens I decided I wanted to make them.  I mean I knit and people knit mittens all the time right?  But I couldn't find any patterns with thumbs for a 1 year old, and most like a 1 year old doesn't need the thumb but…  So I decided to make up a pattern.  It isn't to the stage where I can say I am designing patterns but eventually I probably will.   I like figuring out how to put things together and designing patterns seems like a way to figure out how to put something together and make it exactly the way you want.

So here is a picture of the beta mittens (sadly they didn't get mailed today because the post office decided to close at 4:54 instead of 5:00).

I didn't measure my gauge yet, I just used other mitten patterns and the label gauge as starting off points and picked a cast-on number based on that and my intended cable pattern.  Then I made up the decreasing as I went.  I did have to do one thumb twice.  Now to determine if a) they fit S and b) can I repeat it.

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November 30, 2006. Thoughts.


  1. Librarian Amy replied:

    Ok, I'm about a month behind over here, but these mittens are _adorable_.

  2. AnotherYarn replied:

    Thank you 🙂 Sadly they are too small for S so I am trying to knit another pair that will fit.

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