Oh man, I’m so behind

  • on reading Vox
  • on christmas shopping
  • on christmas knitting
  • on sleep

But on the bright side… I finished all the knitting for christmas 2005 :)  I think.  There might have been a project that I abandoned.  I have also learned that even if you are a better knitter, when picking up a year old project you might manage to repeat last years mistakes.  I forgot how many stitches I cast-on and somehow I kept picking up a stitch or two and then needing to do a k2tog, so the scarf isn't perfect but the boucle yarn should hide most mistakes well enough.  I hope.

I also 7/8's done with one pair of Fetching.  I'm making it out of Frog Tree Merino.  This yarn is incredibly soft but I think it must be what is considered one-ply because if it doesn't get twisted in my hands I feel like I'm knitting with a long thing piece of roving (not that I've used roving myself).  I don't think I screwed up the picot bind-off too badly, I should have practiced it on my guage swatch though.

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December 1, 2006. Tags: . Thoughts.

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