I needed a treat

But first.  TheHusband just gave Dog some ice cream.  That man spoils our dog entirely too much, at least the ice cream was put in his food bowl and announced "cookie" (our Treat word).  But you can't complain too much about a man who brings you ice cream.  And despite trying to be on a baking binge, I needed a treat.

Um yeah.  I can never get this darn WYSIWIG formatting to work the way I want.  Anyway.  I finally dug out the Christmas CDs.  I think this is it and of course I'm going through all of them tonight.  I have made Cranberry-Nut Bread courtesy of The New Best Recipe. And Mexican Wedding Cakes (although the cookbook insists on calling them Sandies) from Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book (affectionately known in my household as "the red checked one").  Next up is the batter for Chocolate-Black Pepper Cookies from the Martha Stewart Holiday Cookies 2005 issue.  I haven't made these before and hope they turn-out well.

Generally speaking I'm a big fan of holiday ideas and cookie recipes from Martha Stewart (or should I say Omnimedia).  But this years special cookie issue (via Everyday Food) was just a little too familiar.  Oh well.  I have enough recipes waiting on the "to try" list.

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December 14, 2006. Tags: . Thoughts.

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