Month behind, is that all?

I'm nearly a month behind here.  Yikes.  Of course if I think about it too much I'm much more than a month behind on just too much in my life.

I'm in a list-making mood.  I've already made an exhuastive Saturday house cleaning type list.  And Kat with a K has initiated a UFO resurrection so I am making a list of all of my UFO's (knitting, crochet and sewing I hope she doesn't mind me twisting it a bit) while trying to decide if I should join the challenge.  For my purposes an UFO is something that I've purchased all the materials for and have the pattern in mind.  For yarn crafts this means I have to have all the yarn and the pattern.  For sewing it means I must have the fabric purchased and the pattern (errant notions will be excused).  This list will probably look a lot like one I posted in early fall.  I keep letting myself be distracted by other craft ideas.  This UFO challenge also goes with my [temporary] mandate that I curb craft supply spending.  I don't have any more room for yarn or fabric stash at the moment and the fall spending (move, expensive hobby, christmas travel) was painful on the savings account.


  • messenger bag
  • mini purse-like messenger bag
  • skirt
  • curtains (downstairs 3 pair)
  • curtains (bedroom 1 pair)
  • another skirt
  • needle rolls
  • baby blankets
  • tote bag (possibly for ski boots, made from flip-flop patterned canvas)


  • granny square crochet baby blanket (started in April 2005)
  • knit baby blanket (just started, the child is due in February)
  • knit tank top with yummy bamboo blend yarn
  • toddler socks (languishing since turning the heel and starting to pick up stitches, then I stole the needles for other projects)
  • mittens
  • hat for my brother (this was a christmas gift…the only yarn I will purchase since he wasn't crazy about my first attempt that also wasn't finished in time)
  • hat I was making for brother (Tychus, I've frogged the entire thing because if it is for him it was 6 stitches too long)
  • hat for me (I've been waiting to make this hat since last spring when I spied the yarn)
  • ribbon tank top (possibly for me, possibly for my sister)

And that is it for now.  I have some yarn that will either be a cute spring hat or a drapey tank top but haven't found the right pattern yet.  I think I managed to remember everything languishing in my yarn box.  Hopefully today I will make progress on the baby blanket due in February and getting my craft stuff back in working order.

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