1. I spent weeks (okay mostly weeks not sewing) making Dog a dog bed.  He gave me one obligatory "down" on the bed and hasn't touched it since.  Yesterday I drug it downstairs where I spent the bulk of the day (he tends to be in whatever room I am in) and he slept next to it.  Today I noticed him sleeping (at my feet, how sweet) with his head on a couch pillow that fell on the floor.  Is the dog bed a lost cause? 

  2. Does working on the baby blanket that I started in December and needs to be finished by February count towards my UFO challenge?
  3. About a month ago I painstakingly (ever hand-wash a 90" by almost 60" fragile piece of non-woven fabric?) hand-washed blanket batting for a blanket I plan on sewing/quilting.  I had two pieces of batting but only washed one.  Now I can't figure out which is which.  Should I hand-wash both of them?

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January 9, 2007. Tags: . Thoughts.

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