1 sweater, 1 year

I want to knit a sweater.  For me.  In yarn I love working with.  That doesn't cost a bundle in case it turns out to be a complete disaster.  Maybe this is too much pressure for my first adult sweater?  I am giving myself a year to do this so that should help.

But which pattern should I pick (this list is no particular order)?

Sonnet?  I could pick any yarn and figure out the rest.  I like that concept.  I don't like how wide the neckline is for what seems like a cardigan and it is boxy.

Kyoto? Lots of seaming, which I've been avoiding like the plague.  Seed stitch, which I alternately love and hate.  It looks very boxy so it might not be the most flattering on short-short, kind of curvy me.

Something Red? (the long sleeve version I think).  My favorite black fitted cardigan is dying a slow death.  This could replace it (that is even about how I buttoned my black cardigan).  I like all the details but the bit on the raglan sleeve join thingamabob.  I didn't really want my first sweater to be in black.

Somewhat Cowl?  Very pretty.  And would show off necklaces I've been meaning to wear more often.  And cleavage when I might not want to (like at work).  The sleeves aren't quite long enough for it to feel like a sweater to me, but I think this is definitely going on my "some day" list, I'm just not sure about now.

Blaze?  I thought this is the first sweater I wanted to make.  But now I'm not sure, I think it is the piquant rating that scares me (and the angora in the yarn and the potential of a yarn sub gone wrong).  I love the fitted look, the neckline (I love wearing shirts with this neckline).  I might attempt the pattern stitch to see how that goes.

Wicked?  Similiar neckline.  I like the cable details and the pocket.  It looks cozy but not bulky.  But is a kangaroo pocket really the best look for me?  I wonder how challenging it would be (the pocket, if I do the pocket, if I do the sweater).

Gigi?  This has a very similiar look to a store-bought sweater I love.  I always feel perfectly put together in that sweater.  Does it need a bit of waist shaping though?

Tide?  (if you click on the picture of the gold Tide you will get a pop-up of the less-cropped blue version…that is the version I'd do).  I already own the book.  I like the look, though it is yet again on the skimpy side to qualify as "sweater".  I might have to swatch the ripple/wave pattern to see if I can handle it.  And I need to research the yarn costs.

I've also heard good things about the Hourglass sweater…but I don't own that book and it isn't on the top of my "craft books to purchase" list.  Or should I start by deciding what yarn I want to use and take it from there?

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January 10, 2007. Tags: . Thoughts.


  1. readingjag replied:

    I adore Something Red and Wicked. Adore. I am going to steal your ideas and knit one of these for myself. Someday. When I knit a sweater.

  2. Food/Crafts/Books Girl replied:

    I am going to be no help and suggest Tubey, because there's minimal seaming and it's super easy. I've been wanting to try Kyoto forever and now that I've found a new yarn store with a different selection I just might. I think Gigi is pretty, too.

  3. hollychrome replied:

    first off, let me say how impressed I am with your ambition! sweaters still frighten me 🙂 though, now that I"ve accomplished a sock, I should try something like that next. Oh, wait – FIRST I have to do another sock to match. dammit! but for the sweater, my personal vote is for Wicked… I may consider that one. If you think the pocket would be weird, I'm sure it's easy enough to just omit it. but it may be super cute to do the pocket in a contrasting color or something neat like that. maybe even a subtle different shade of the main color. I don't know, but it just seems like it would be really cute and suits you, IMHO…

  4. katie replied:

    Wicked. or one of Wendy's patterns. I have heard horror stories about Kyoto. If you aren't afraid of cables, then Wicked would be fairly easy, while also really darn cute. I think maybe I need one, too!

  5. AnotherYarn replied:

    Horror stories about Kyoto? I will have to look these up. Which is also what I should probably do before committing to any of these sweaters.

  6. katie replied:

    The horror was mostly the fact that the sweater is boxy and ill-fitting. If you go to craftster.org, there should be a knit-a-long for Kyoto, and I'm sure for these other patterns. It's a good place to research!

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