FO: Sewn Purse


Has become this:

Okay, so it isn't quite done, I need to attach the strap (I'm waiting on a piece of hardware I think exists, to make the strap adjustable).  I made this from two fat quarters and less than a fat quarters worth of light-medium weight interfacing I had in my mediocre stash.  I picked up the d-rings when I found the fabric and realized it was just the fabric to make my little wallet-palm-cell-lip balm-tissue purse that I could wear when I was somewhere that carrying a purse would be too fussy (and had no safe place to store it).  I made a perfectly sized cell-phone pocket and lip balm/keys pocket so those things wouldn't get buried at the bottom of the purse, a hazard of tall and narrow purses (please excuse the crummy interior shot, it is very hard to get with only two hands).

On the sweater front: I had narrowed it down to Something Red, Wicked and Blaze.  I was leaning toward Something Red with the idea that I might, just might finish it by this summer and could then start on Wicked and have it ready by next winter :)  Then today I stopped by my local craft emporium to pick up a piece of fabric for a secret project and saw decent yarn on sale, for $3/skein that I think would work for Tide.  It is a narrow ribbon yarn, rayon, a little heavier and wider than what the pattern calls for (a very narrow ribbon yarn that is a poly/nylon blend) but they have the same gauge.  It is very soft.  And if I do this my sweater yarn would cost me less than $50 (maybe even $40).  But it is a ribbon yarn and I'm not sure if I'm ready to go there again.  I might pick up one skein for a couple test swatches…but I really need to decide and swatch soon, sigh there is so much knitting to be done.

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January 13, 2007. Tags: , . Thoughts.


  1. wickedlibrarian replied:

    Pretty! And so very fashionably-hip. 😉

  2. quornflour replied:

    This is great, I love the polkadot fabric…

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