Cookies and plans gone awry

I really need to get in the spirit of my UFO Challenge.  I currently have two projects on the needles, a baby blanket and a pair of toddler mittens.  All I want to do is buy new yarn and start new projects (a French Press coffee cozy, 3 different sweaters, a cute hate or two, a pair of knitted baby pants, a beginners lace shawl, etc etc).  Must.  Work.  On. UFOs.

Today I hoped to work on both of them while watching Grey's Anatomy (disc 1 of season 2 from Netflix).  Instead I spent the day doing errands that always take me too long.  I almost bought a few skeins of yarn (violating my promise to myself that I wouldn't do so until finishing a yarn project).  I almost bought fabric (violating my promise to myself that I wouldn't do so until finishing a sewing project, namely curtains).  I spent an hour in the craft store not buying yarn and fabric.  Then I hit another store in search of the re-released Lion Brand cotton-ease (I haven't seen it in a store yet).  Then Lowe's where I picked up a laser level (oh I've wanted one for a while), a tape measure (this will be my third construction type tape, I can't find the other two though I suspect they are in my parent's garage 2K miles away), some pictures hangers and a digital lamp timer for a sleeping/waking experiment.  Then to JoAnn's where I picked up thread and needles needed to complete sewing projects (well I supposed I didn't need the glasshead straight pins but they are much easier to find if they drop on carpet) and to Michael's to buy picture frames on sale.  This all took 4 hours.  4 hours, what is wrong with me?  And I forgot to fax some paperwork, I meant to do that first.

I did manage to make my soup and salad for dinner (zucchini bisque, kickass salad with lots of goodies including blue cheese crumbles and finish the par-baked bread from TJs).  And I did manage to make chocolate chip cookies.

I've baked 3 dozen cookies tonight and plan on freezing the rest of the dough.  I will scoop them into individual cookies, freeze, then transfer to a ziplock.  I think I read about doing that in some Martha Stewart publication.  I never seem to get chocolate chip cookies to turn out the same way twice.  My aunt, she makes amazing chocolate chip cookies with zero effort, I on the other hand can't get them quite how I want.  I think I might need to play with the flour I use (but first I need to read up on that, Rose Levy Beranbaum here I come) or maybe my oils (this batch used all butter).  I also added a teaspoon and half of instant espresso powder.  I think that is what they do at Bailey's Chocolate Bar, and I could have swore that the recipe was published in Sauce at some point but I simply couldn't find it when I searched Sauce online.  Oh how I miss the yummy drinks at the Chocolate Bar.

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January 21, 2007. Tags: . Thoughts.


  1. medlibrarygirl replied:

    What recipe are you using for your chocolate chip cookies? For years and years, I've sworn by the one on the butter-flavored Crisco sticks (learned a long time ago that cookies made with Crisco rather than butter stay soft longer). But now that I'm trying to get away from trans fats (as in Crisco), I'm on the lookout for a good chocolate chip cookies recipe!

  2. Fattypants replied:

    Crisco does make a trans-fat free version…have you seen it? I keep waiting for Smart Balance to come up with a baking shortening, but I think the problem is that bad fats are the ones that are solid at room temp.

  3. Fattypants replied:

    Zucchini Bisque? Yum! Is there a recipe you'd like to share?

  4. AnotherYarn replied:

    Generally I use the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag (sometimes Nestle, sometimes Ghirardelli) this time I used the recipe from my KitchenAid mixer book. It called for 1 cup butter and they are already quite crisp. TheHusband swears by a slice of bread in the cookie container, but 1) in general we don't keep sliced bread around the house and 2) I think that makes them too soft. My favorite thing to do is use half butter, half crisco or 2/3 butter, 1/3 crisco, transfats be damned (while I know it hides everywhere I don't think it is a big part of my regular diet). I know some people are enamored of coconut oil which is solid at room temp (without hydrogenation, technically there are two types of trans fats, man-made like crisco and naturally occuring ones in butter, animal flesh, etc. the naturally occuring ones might be better but I'm not sure by how much), but I also have tried vanilla ice cream that had coconut something in it and I could taste the coconut.

  5. AnotherYarn replied:

    I will check with the person I got the recipe from, if I can post it I will, otherwise I will send it to you.

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