QotD: Here, Take My Order

What is your favorite kind of bagel and what do you put on it? 
Submitted by Nacwolin.

I love a good Everything bagel, sliced, toasted with plain cream cheese spread on it.  Ideally the everything includes at least sesame seed, poppy seeds, onions, and salt.  But the texture of the bagel is really most important…it must be sort of chewy with the right bite.  It cannot taste or feel like a slice of toasted bread.

And while I don't consider it a true bagel Panera/St Louis Bread Company makes a very yummy cinnamon crunch "bagel" that is good on its own but even better with hazelnut cream cheese.

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February 3, 2007. Tags: , . Thoughts.


  1. ayanna replied:

    ah, the cinnamon crunch bagel. a wonderful addiction that i had to give up when i discovered that wheat/gluten gives me migraines. i miss bread.

  2. AnotherYarn replied:

    That. Has to. Suck.

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