End of January Update

Okay, so it isn't January.  The end of January had some pressing personal stuff to deal with.  But now for some January UFO challenge updates.  Can I add another excuse?  Craft posts beg for pictures, and I just got to do a photo shoot at the earlier this week (guess it is a good thing the stuff has been waiting for me to get it to the PO).

I sent my Dad's christmas hat to him.  I finished the hat in time to wrap it, but it turned out to be about 1" too long for his head.  No one wants a hat brim that hits your eyelids, and the brim was not designed to be folded over, so I ripped it out and re-did it, but didn't finish before we returned home.  Then it sat, waiting for me to check the length before weaving in the end.  I checked the length a couple days ago and sent it to him yesterday.

Then there were S's mittens.  Pair one was completed in early December but turned out to be way too small (the bottom of the cuff hit the heel of her hand I was told).  After S's Dad brilliantly scanned the mittens with a ruler and detailed explanations of current fit by S's Mom I was able to start pair two in January.  I finished the first mitten and was able to test-fit it on a local 2 year old, it worked.  But I didn't have enough yarn for mitten #2.  I went and bought new yarn and knit mitten #2, which of course didn't match mitten #1 but duplicate stitch would take care of that, until mitten #2 turned out not to be anything close to a mirror image of mitten #1.  Are you still following?  End result: 3 mittens knit, 2 mittens sent to S.  I started a hat too but that definitely won't fit her so it is becoming my first UFO of 2007.

The baby blanket:  I just finished skein #5 (or is it 6?) and row #142 this morning.  18 more rows to go :)  No pictures until it is sent to my SIL.  She requested I knit/crochet a blanket, so I'm witholding details until she gets it.

Sewing projects: Not entirely finished but my bedroom now has two, two curtains panels on the window.  Yay!  And ignoring the unfinished hem (I'm letting the fabric settle and then some) it looks lovely.

Now I get to decide what I want to cast-on next and as soon as the baby blanket is done, which UFO I will tackle next.  Hmm, maybe I will let myself do three projects.  One new cast-on for me, the hat for my brother (if I ever find yarn that will work for him) and the next UFO…

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