Knitting Vocubulary, or the difference between a UFO and a WiP

First off, if you are a muggle as the Yarn Harlot so cutely says, UFO is an unfinished project and WiP is a work in progress.  They sound deceivingly similiar, and in the hands of the right knitter they are quite similiar.  But in the hands of many other knitters there is a vast difference between these two acronyms (if I, knitter for 1-3 years depending on how you count, can speak for the all knitters).  It is all about intentions and determination to get to the FO (finished object).

This is a UFO, my first UFO of 2007 in fact.  I stopped knitting it when I realized that there was simply no way it would fit on the head of an 18 month old.  I know this because it is decidedly smaller than the hat I knit for an infant that fits on a 2 year old (if a bit short).  And since it was already the beginning of February and I wanted to send S her mittens (notice the yarn, same skein) and wasn't in the mood to restart this project (considering the my UFO challenge project for January wasn't done yet…).  So I declared it a UFO and decided to shove it in the closet and deal with it later, much later, an unknown later.

This is a WiP.  It is my brother's christmas hat.  The hat that 2/3 the way through he decided was too long and didn't like all that much.  But after looking for yarn that said, "make me into a hat for your brother" for over a month I decided to just re-do it.  I had already ripped the hat out so the yarn was nicely wound into two seperate balls just waiting for me.  I pulled it out when I put the pink hat away.  I am using the Tychus pattern from Knitty, except instead of casting on 38 stitches I cast on 32 stitches and adjusted from there.  Honestly I sort of hate when I want to make my object in the same colorway as a pattern example, but Brother's school colors are red & white and he got a letterman jacket this year, so what is a sister to do but make his hat in red & white.

Of course a UFO can accidently be created as well.  You get excited about a new project before finishing one on the needles, perhaps that new project and/or need to use the needles from that other WiP and suddenly it has been a few months and one WiP has magically turned into a UFO.  These cute socks feel victim to UFO land in this manner (where are the needles? I scavenged them for Mittens v. 1.0).  I think I even turned the heel, which is apparently a magical thing.  However I have no clue how I did it and am pretty sure I did some stuff wrong (like the SSK bits).  So I am going to rip out the heel and start over, being more mindful of what I am doing.  This sock is my other February UFO challenge

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February 22, 2007. Tags: , , . Thoughts.


  1. Angelchrys replied:

    Hmm…looks like Sockotta. If so, I have the same colorway and just can't get myself to start a sock, no matter how much I love the colors.

  2. AnotherYarn replied:

    Actually it is Marks & Kattens Clown color #1724. But the LYS women and I thought it looked exactly like the sockotta yarn in a different sized skein that cost more. She assured me that the 50 g ball I have would be enough for a pair of toddler socks.

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