A finished object report

I managed to clear out almost 7 GB worth of stuff on my hard-drive!  And was able to finally pull new photos off the camera.  So now, in no particular order, what I've been working on lately.

The fabric wasn't my first choice, or even my second choice (since the first choice turned out to be mythical fabric of my imagination), but it was quite a bit cheaper than my second choice.  I took a few shortcuts (like no pre-washing) since I don't actually anticipate using these curtains again (watch me eat my words) and I ended up using only half the curtain clips I purchases (umbra clips from Target in pewter or nickle).  I ended really liking the fabric, I love the way the light filters through them yet they aren't actually sheer, I love the draping effect from the clip placement, I love how they push back to expose the whole window; And the color goes really well with the futon cover in that room (check the baby blanket photo).  Small curtain tip: I made a cardstock paper jig to help me iron the right hem length (single fold with about 1/2" ironed under) and I will definitely do that in future curtain making ventures.

Brother's Hat
I finally conquered the seaming phobia just in time for 82 F high temps where he lives.  Oh well, he can wear it next year.


Nephew's Blanket
I acutally finished this over a month ago (wrote an excited post pre-weaving ends in), it took me another month to weave in the ends, then another week to get up the nerve to throw it in the washing machine pre-blocking.  I've stumbled a little when I discovered that some of the ends have frayed and showed up again.  Any tips on how to combat this before I send it off to him?

More thoughts on the baby blanket will follow as well as a photo of the apron I made for my grandmother (finished it yesterday, but had no decent lighting to photograph it).

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March 25, 2007. Tags: , , . Thoughts.


  1. Angelchrys replied:

    Yay for finishing! I keep meaning to finish my project so I can finish them off, but I just never quite get to it. As far as your ends go, don't cut them until you wash your FO next time! Not helpful at the moment, unfortunately. If you wove them in for several stitches, just pick them back a stitch or two and re-snip. If you finished with a knot, they really only need to be woven in for two or three stitches.

  2. AnotherYarn replied:

    At least now I know about those ends. Finishing stuff feels so good!

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