Knitting hiccup

Unfortunately I purchased a number of straight knitting needles before I figured out that I don't like working with them.  Now I don't mind the short 10" variety but I do have a few 14" sizes.  Using them isn't the end of the world, but I'm not nearly happy about losing one as I wish I could be.

Last night I went to my usual LYS knit-night and worked on the front of the sweater (my first vacation yarn project), stuck the needles in my bag as I left,  walked to my car, got in my car, drove to a friend's house for some Firefly watching, pulled out the vacation yarn project and…only one needle (luckily the one with the work on it).  I'd estimate that I've already knitted about 1/2 the sweater.  I don't want to buy another set of plastic 14" needles, but the company (Lion Brand) doesn't make plastic US6 needles in any other format (okay I think they do make dpns, but my local big-box craft store doesn't carry them and dpns are the wrong tool anyway).  So now I get to scour the internets and LYSs for a US6 plastic circular needle and hope it doesn't noticably change my gauge.  Boo.  The pattern recommends Pony needles, and IIRC they are plastic so at least there is hope.

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April 12, 2007. Tags: , . Thoughts.

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