Knitting tool you won’t find at a LYS

But I think it would be cool if they would try selling these.  No clue if they sell many though.

I wanted a digital scale for quite some time, possibly even before Alton Brown used his nifty glass and stainless scale on early Good Eats episodes.  But then I got overwhelmed by the choices and the prices, luckily TheHusband came to the rescue and bought this for me for my birthday.  And it has everything I could have wanted, you can measure in ounces or grams, it has a tare function and it weighs up more than 5 lbs of stuff (I don't remember the upper limit).  And it automatically turns itself off.  Then one day I realized it would be great to figure out how much yarn I had used in a project and how much was leftover.  Sometimes I think the scale should live in the craft area and not the kitchen.  Sometimes the platform (maybe the size of a saucer) is too small for whatever I'm weighing so I utilize the tare function and a lightweight stainless steel bowl.

It is also quite handy for cooking and baking.

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June 27, 2007. Tags: , . Thoughts.

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