A lovely revision of last night's dinner: Rosemary bread from TJ's (obtained yesterday's bike riding-errand adventure of 8 miles!), homemade rosemary-white bean spread, thinly sliced cucumbers, a few thin slices of red bell pepper, lettuce and champagne mustard (the last two are from yesterday's Farmer's Market adventure) plus a handful of honey roasted peanuts (also from TJ's). 

I took a couple bites before I realized that it was a rather pretty sandwich and would be a good chance to showcase one of my birthday plates.  Shown above is the "salad plate" although we generally use the similarly shaped wide and shallow bowl for salads, there is also a matching dinner plate and cute non-hulking but big mugs.  I finally have matching dishes.  I also got a serving set (platter, vegetable bowl, sugar, creamer and s&c saucer) in the same shape with fun polka dots and stripes in bright pastels.  I am still ridiculously happy to have pretty matching dishes, and while I love fun patterns, the food generally looks much prettier against that lovely white.

Oh yes, the rosemary-white bean spread.  It was mentioned repeatedly on a message board I participate in.  I never noticed a recipe but someone probably mentioned it at some point.  Just in case I did a quick epicurious search and then did what I planned to do all along (though I might try the version with cumin and coriander sometime soon).  Just to warn you this is a rather garlicy rosemary white bean spread so you might consider less garlic if you are planning on taking this to work.

Food processor + one can white cannellini beans + one garlic clove smooshed + a few tablespoons of olive oil + the leaves from one sprig of rosemary, roughly chopped + a pinch of kosher salt=rosemary white bean spread.

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July 2, 2007. Tags: , . Thoughts.

One Comment

  1. bookishbiker replied:

    oooooh I am drooling. the bites out of it make it all the more alluring!

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