the socks are done!

Remember these socks? How could you, have I written about knitting anything else?

They've been sitting around my house like that since the beginning of May.  I stalled at the kitchener stitch.  I had never done it before and so I looked at my handy Vogue Knitting Quick Reference.  It walked me through the first two steps, but on step 3 it through me in the middle of the work.  Agh.  I checked other knitting references; FantasyLibrarian sent me copies of the pages from her knitting go-to book, but I still was stuck at the same point, "when do the stitches come off the needles and where do I insert the needle on step 3?".  I looked at's video of kitchener, which was better, she finally mentioned that the first stitches on either needle are not treated quite the same as the rest of the stitches, but it went so fast that I couldn't keep it straight or remember how to do it once I picked up my needles.  I let the project linger and moved on. 

Almost two weeks ago I sat down to figure kitchener stitch again (it sort of made me feel a little better that Grumperina has to check her notes before sitting down with it as well).  I watched's video (scroll down to the section on finishing), taking notes and hitting pause and rewind many times.  Then my friend J sent me the link to this Knitty article.  Oh if only I had started there instead.  I practiced a couple times on swatches I made just for that purpose (now what should I do with a 3" white square with one red stripe?).  Oh, and for anyone who is interested in trying a "knitted" kitchener check out TECHknitter's instructions (it wasn't the needle that scared me off though I found this idea interesting).

Finally with the help of the following on a note card:

step 1: purl #1 front stitch
step 2: knit #1 back stitch
step 3: knit #1 front stitch, slip
step 4: purl #2 front stich
step 5: purl #1 back stitch, slip
step 6: knit #2 back stitch
repeat steps 3-6, the second stitch is now the first.

Muttering, "knit slip purl, purl slip knit" also helped a lot.  Then to end it I used knitty article guidelines (when there is only 1 stitch on each needle you do step 3 and then step 5).

Of course today I sit down to finish these socks and can't find my handy-dandy note card, the knitty article came to the rescue.  Now I have these socks almost all done (I hid the ends for picture-taking-in-daylight purposes).  I finally finished my May UFO (or was it April).

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July 11, 2007. Tags: , , . Thoughts.

One Comment

  1. Zarah replied:

    Congrats on finishing your first pair of socks – I really enjoyed reading about all the different watys you tried to figure out grafting the toe.

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