Sock knitting question

I am so close to casting  on for a new project, so close yet not quite there.  Okay, so I'm not counting the hat I cast-on while sitting (yes sitting since I arrived at 7:30 pm) in line for the final Harry Potter Book, I guess I should have tried to dress more Hermoine-like that night since I was going to be knitting.

I've cast-off the sleeves of the baby bolero.  I still have the edging on the sleeves, back and then the shawl collar.  But now I can use though shiny pretty bryspun US6 needles for a new project since the edging requires a smaller needle.

But back to the sock knitting question.  I have 2 skeins of panda wool that I will be making into socks for myself.  I can't decide if I should come up with a pattern on my own using a pretty stitch and basic sock guidelines or should I go with something published.  But what I really can't figure out is:

Why do the various cabled socks I find still have ribbing on the cuff?  In my brief time working simple cables, like on Fetching, the cable itself is stretchy.  Simple cables strike me as a prettier option to simple ribbing but I've seen several sock patterns with cables that still have ribbing at the cuff.

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July 25, 2007. Tags: . Thoughts.

One Comment

  1. Zarah replied:

    I think the ribbing is just traditional – you're right that many cabled
    patterns already integrat ribbing, so it's pretty much unnecessary.
    What is your panda yarn like – plain color or variegated?

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