Granny Square Blanket

I found out one of my best friends was pregnant at the very beginning of 2005.  I knew I wanted to make her something, and at that time I was much more comfortable crocheting than knitting; finally can you ask for more notice a 8 months?  I settled on a granny square blanket that I had seen in a book.  I liked that it wasn't the usual granny square, it seemed more delicate than the square composed of many groupings of chain 3.  And the colors were great, vibrant reds, oranges, and pinks but we didn't know if she would have a boy or girl.  After plotting with her father over the phone and via email I settled on a yarn Plymouth Dream Baby DK (a soft microfiber acrylic) as well as a color scheme of blues, purples and teal (just like dad's hair!).  I started crocheting in March, the pattern calls for 48 squares plus a border.  I figured if I could manage one square a night for most nights I'd been done in no time. No problem.

By August of that year (when the baby was due) I had managed to crochet 5 squares plus one center. 

And then I found out about all of the other handmade (crocheted, knitted, quilted) blankets my friend had received (when the project was fresh in my mind it was a chance I wanted to take, once the project stalled that was yet another reason to not pick it up).  I went out and bought a bunch of cute outfits for S when she was born instead.  However I did get a chance to fix a few runs in one of S's crocheted blankets 🙂

I'm not sure who I will give this baby blanket to when I finish.  The pattern's finished measurements are supposed to be 20" by 26" which is very small even for baby blanket standards.  Maybe it will become S's doll blanket.  Maybe it will be a blanket for a potential sibling of S's.  Or maybe I will just keep it (sorry).  I like granny square blankets, I particularly like this blanket, even if it isn't quite as awe inspiring as the Koigu granny square blanket that was in an issue of Interweave Crochet (22 skeins, oh my!).

Anyway, the Dream Baby Granny Square blanket is my August UFO challenge.  I doubt I will finish it in August, but I sure hope I get more squares crocheted than at my last attempt.  I had to do a new gauge swatch though since I couldn't remember what hook I was using.  So far I've managed to crochet two more squares, though one doesn't count since I messed up the color order on it.

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August 3, 2007. Tags: , , . Thoughts.

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