DIY, inspired by Bookishbiker

Bookishbiker's post and link about 100 things you can make yourself made me curious.  How many things have I done from that list?

1. Applesauce
2. Spaghetti sauce
3. Barbecue sauce
5. Jelly (well jam)
9. Guacamole (frankly there is no other way)
10. Pesto
11. Salsa
12. Mango salsa (I wonder why two types of salsa are listed, how about pineapple salsa?)
13. Vanilla extract
14. Hummus
15. Coffee (well, I've ground coffee and I've made french press coffee, just not at the same time)
17. Gravy
20. Stuffing
23. Pancake mix (well no, but I always make pancakes from scratch anyway)
25. Ice cream (how about ice milk?  unsuccessful sorbet?)
26. Chicken Nuggets (breaded chicken fingers?)
27. Pizza
29. Pickles (well, I'm sure I've done this with my mom, I've just blocked it out)
33. Dog treats
37. Books
39. All purpose household cleaner (dilluting white vinegar in a spray bottle with a couple drops of essential oil counts right?)
45. Baskets
47. Paper
49. Jewelry
50. Curtains
52. Candles
55. Bookshelves (in my case it was more like the plans for a kitchen cart and it was collaborative with TheHusband)
59. Sweater (one baby sweater, one toddler sweater almost done, one adult sweater in the works)
60. Skirt
63. Blouse (how about top?  I don't think I've sewn a blouse)
64. Shorts
65. Gloves (fingerless mittens?)
66. Socks
72. Compost (sort of, more like got stuck taking the compost bucket to the compost heap/bin as a kid)
77. Sun clock
78. Bread
79. Potato chips (how about tortilla chips and pita chips?)
80. Pretzels (I had and lost a fabulous easy recipe, sigh)
83. Bagels
84. A pinata
90. Tortillas (flour and corn)
93. A loofah (make?  how about grow them then dry them, again with mom)
94. Cheese (this was more like a mom did it and I was hanging around)
96. A Kite

Wow.  44 out of 100 (I kept the original list maker's numbering and my comments are in italics).  Granted some of them were one-time things and others I was more like the assistant with my mom doing the bulk of the work; but still I'm sort of impressed with myself.  I did grow up in a very DIY household.

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August 23, 2007. Tags: , . Thoughts.

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