One Skein Scarf

On Saturday we went for apple hunting (you call it driving to apple orchards, I call it apple hunting).  Instead of bringing a current work in progress (the socks, the baby blanket, but not the bolero–that has "must work at home" status) I cast on for a scarf with some yummy green yarn I bought this past spring.  I had jotted down the pattern on a 4 x 6 index card and decided, this is a scarf that is supposed to be 3 inches wide, there is no reason to swatch.

So I cast-on and at row 6 (the first cabled row) I realize that I forgot to write down which direction the cable twists, I decide to wing it and knit away.  About 4 inches in (woot for worsted weight yarn again) I loose count of rows and because I am incapable of partially frogging when slipped stitches and cables are involved I rip the entire thing and cast-on again (trying the cable in the other direction) and knit about 4 more inches.  Once we get home I discover that I was cabling in the wrong direction.  While it would have been fine, I decided to rip out those 4 or so inches and cast-on again.  I'm sort of grateful I didn't get more done during the drive.

This time I pull out the safety pins to help me count my rows to keep my cable twist nice and even.  So after 3 cast-ons and 8 inches of knitting wasted I sit down for TV watching (3 discs of Grey's Anatomy season 3) and now have 17 1/2 inches of scarf.   I've used about half my skein of yarn (Lanna Grossa Cool Wool Big) but I think I want my scarf to be more than three feet so I won't get to use that second skein of yarn for a hat.  Boo.  I didn't bother swatching, right now my scarf is about 2 1/2" wide instead of the 3 inches the pattern says it will be.

And it is taking lots of will power to not cast on for about 4 more projects that I want to do right now. But I need to finish something first.

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September 27, 2007. Tags: , , . Thoughts.

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