Bulletin Board

Ever since I started reading Martha Stewart Living (somewhere between 10 and 15 years ago) I've wanted a huge fabric covered bulletin board.  In January Emira at Domicile reminded me of this when she posted about her fabric covered bulletin boards.  In January or early February I bought about 1 1/2 yards of a pretty Freshcut print to cover the yet-to-be board.

I went to my local huge home improvement store and looked, yet again for the fabled homosote.  I didn't find it, but I did find another brand of fiberboard meant for soundproofing.  Then I checked that other huge home improvement store.  Same thing.  I finally got the nerve to ask an employee to get one sheet of fiberboard (it was up on a very high shelf) and cut it for me.  He said he wouldn't cut the fiberboard with their saw because it would tear it up.  I didn't have a utility knife and straight edge with me and I wasn't about to buy another set.  Since I drive a sedan there was no way I could get a four feet by eight foot piece of sheet goods home.  On to plan b.

Plan B:  I found the ceiling tiles and picked out a single two foot by four foot ceiling tile (checking the corners to make sure they were not smooshed) and then went to the section where they have the sheet goods in two by four foot sheets and grabbed a piece of luan (it is 3/8" thick plywood, I'm not sure what makes it different from other 3/8" thick plywood).  I checked to see if they were a match size-wize (they weren't) then I went and found an employee to help me cut about 1/4" off each side of the luan.  Then I headed over to the paint section and picked up a small tube of liquid nails (the basic kind in the gold/tan tube) and a can of kilz spray paint (to cover the printing on the back of the ceiling tile).

Then all the stuff sat around at home waiting for me to clear a space to paint the ceiling tile and adhere the tile to the plywood.  Eventually I got around to it.  I used the entire tube of liquid nails!  At this point I realized that while I could stretch my pretty Freshcut fabric over the soon-to-be-bulletin board it might abrade against the edges of the plywood so I stretched and stapled a piece of white muslin first.  Then I stretched the fabric, stapling into the plywood. 

Finally I was able to put my bulletin board up in the office, it sat on my desk, I mean no one could see the messy back.  Eventually I covered the raw edges of the fabric on the back of the board with 1" wide grossgrain ribbon.  I glued this on using my longtime favorite Tacky Glue (which I noticed now has a generic equivilant, I haven't tried that yet), smoothing a few inches of ribbon down at a time, working my way around the board.  A few days later I screwed in two d-ring type picture hangers, strung picture wire between them and hammered two small Ook brand (I mention the brand because these things rock, though I recently saw similiar Target brand hooks) hooks in the wall, almost 2 feet apart with the aid of TheHusband and a handy dandy laser level.

Ta da:

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October 11, 2007. Tags: , , . Thoughts.

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