Blantant Doggie Promotion

Saturday night was the first time since we bought this couch (in May 2006) that we've allowed the dog to be on the couch.  What made it worse is that after TheHusband invited the dog on the couch TheHusband sat on the floor.

On Friday my friend Zarah posted this very cute picture of her dog Lucy and it reminded me of the dog bed I made last fall as well as Dog's preferred cushy pillow.  (Random factoid, since Lucy is the first dachshund that I ever met all miniature dachshunds are now known in my house, or maybe just by me, as "lucy-dogs" or "long haired lucy-dogs").

Last fall I decided to sew a dog bed.  It also seemed like a good project to try out freezer paper stenciling.  I bought a couple yards of natural colored cotton canvas, a couple zippers, a roll of freezer paper, and a few bottles of cheap acrylic paint.  I cut out the two primary pieces and did the stenciling on the top before I sewed them together.  I made a special corner pleat (a link to that photo if you are interested).  I also sewed an inner zipped pillow case to stuff with cedar chips so it would be easy to wash the dog bed cover.  When it was finally finished my dog sniffed around it and laid on top because I asked him to.  Then he moved before I could even grab the camera.  I left that dog bed out, let it swallow up nearly eight square feet of floor space, for a few months waiting for the dog to use it.  I even carted it downstairs during the day since he tends to sleep on the same floor that I am inhabiting.

I suspect his nose is offended by the cedar chips (my mom suggested them, her dogs apparently have less sensitive noses) because he never got closer to that dog bed than this:

However, Dog will always use a pillow when it is available (he adores dirty laundry, but those pictures, while cute, tend to show off my unmentionables unshowables):

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  1. Fattypants replied:

    Aw, so sweet!I have all these cute cat toys that I bought. What do the cats like to play with? Post-its and Q-tips.Your dog putting his head on pillows is adorable. Does he like to carry stuff around, too? My brother has a yellow lab who has a stuffed Scooby Doo almost as big as he is. He carries it upstairs at bed time. And he likes to take at least two frisbees on his walks.

  2. AnotherYarn replied:

    Dog only carries toys to us when he wants to play. When I was younger one of our family dogs was obsessed with playing fetch and all things ball shaped. She would normally carry around a ball in her mouth and throw it at you if she thought you'd toss it for her. The image of your brother's lab with his stuffed animal is too cute.

  3. finally finished something « Anotheryarn Crafts replied:

    […] life; it had been kicking around the garage, constantly in the way.  Now Dog has not one but two comfy beds (the other one is in our bedroom and is happily used now that it is stuffed with old blankets). And […]

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