smug and overwhelmed

Tonight I got one of many telemarketer phone calls about TV…dish network…blah blah blah.  I said, "I'm happy with my current tv service."  He asked, "Is it less than $40 a month?"  I said (very smuggly), "Yes."  And the phone call ended.  I really like when telemarketer calls end quickly without me getting rude.  I figure they have a crappy job and don't need me to be rude to them.  I also really like that we pay exactly $0 a month for TV, even though I am sad whenever I am clueless while tv talk is going on around me.  Of course I watch way too much cable tv whenever I get the chance (like staying in a hotel or visiting my parents' house).

Also, hopefully I'm back and will be posting some projects soon.  I just finished my second trip in two weeks and even though I brought my computer along with me (what leave home without it!) I didn't actually find much time to be online.  This morning when I logged into my bloglines account for the first time in about a week I found 978 unread blog posts (from my slightly excessive 133 feeds); now almost half of that is from about 4 or 5 high traffic feeds that require little more than a scan of the headlines but still that is a lot of catching up.

I didn't get much done in the way of crafty projects either, though I did acquire a cute little vintage toy machine, a vintage pattern that I think will make an excellent now top, and new yarn.  Luckily I did manage to finish the shrug I was knitting to wear to a friend's wedding (I finished it on the second leg of the plane journey the Thursday before the Saturday wedding).  I'll be posting more details about the shrug soon.

The first trip was a last minute event to help out my family (prompted by my grandmother going to the hospital but all is now as well as can be expected).  The second trip was planned well in advance and for the above mentioned wedding.  It was quite an awesome wedding and fabulous weekend to boot.

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March 19, 2008. Tags: . Thoughts.

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