Big Ball of Rage

It really isn't good when you find yourself becoming a big ball of rage while working on your sweetie's [late] valentine's day present.  It isn't that I am angry about making a present for TheHusband, making presents for people is one of my favorite things (second to making stuff for myself – I'm a bit selfish that way).  Is it that the pattern for the pajama pants is very poorly written or I have become rather stupid about sewing.  So as all customer service people have experienced my brain has decided the pattern is stupid instead of admitting that I might be stupid and I am angry at the pattern for that.  Yes, totally silly, but there you have it.

I picked up the pajama pants yesterday determined to overcome my frustrations.  I ripped out the wrongly sewed leg and re-stitched it.  I stitched up the crotch and then I started fighting with the non-zippered fly-front.  If I just had the pieces in front of me I felt like I knew what to do, how it was put together but whenever I read the directions and looked at the diagram it didn't mesh.  I might have marked the fly flap incorrectly but I'm not sure.  I tried searching for tutorials online, but only found mock fly-front and zipper fly front tutorials; and the results from searching my two sewing reference books were the same.  An online friend suggested I take a look at Diana Rupp's book S.E.W. and so I did (it seems like an excellent book by the way).  I took pictures but then didn't think to upload them.  Doh, I don't think many people who read this are that into sewing though so…

Anyway.  I finally put the fly together they way I think it is supposed to go and attach the waistband.  Then I discover I don't have the right width of elastic.  Gah.  So much for completing the pajama pants (flaws and all) today.  Also, I have become a lot more fearful of starting other clothing projects.  Sigh.

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March 29, 2008. Tags: , . Thoughts.

One Comment

  1. Emily replied:

    Gah. Too bad you can't just stuff it into the nearest incinerator and move on.

    You know, they sell pajama pants at Wal-Mart. *Ducks and runs!*

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