I have a lot of fears.  And they keep me from far too much too often.  Okay, that sounds a little drastic, and it isn't quite that drastic.  In college I used to joke that I had a high sense of self-preservation when I wouldn't jaywalk across the 5 lane road that separated my dorm from the rest of campus, of course by my junior year of crossing this street daily I had no problems crossing half-way in between the two crosswalks or waiting in the median for the other traffic direction to clear.

But I really didn't mean to go all deep with this post.  I just took a little dip into one of my sewing fears – invisible zippers (and ruining lovely fabric).  I've had intentions of sewing a couple pillow covers for the two extra pillows that didn't really have a home (but would look nice on the office futon if covered).  I found the fabric last fall and even measured and cut it out.  Pillows. Four seams.  Except, being me, I had to make it difficult.  I used contrasting fronts and backs and I wanted a zipper so it would be easy to remove the cover for washing.  And a regular zipper would look odd along a seam and I didn't want a designated front and back so that meant using an invisible zipper.

I've been wanting to tackle invisible zippers for a while now – except I couldn't find much instruction on how to insert an invisible zipper.  Tutorials abound for the regular zipper (despite the fact that every sewing reference book I've seen has instructions and instructions come with many regular zippers).  I didn't have any manufacturer's instructions with my purchased invisible zips.  Luckily I had one invisible zipper tutorial bookmarked and I did remember reading another set of directions somewhere.  Plus I realized that I might not like the pillow covers as originally envisioned but the fabric would make a very cute doll-sized quilt if the pillow covers failed.

So I jumped in… and finished the pillow cases:

They aren't perfect, and they don't fit perfectly but close-enough counts this time.  I also finally got around to clearing the futon and covering it with my old chenille bedspread and placed the teddy bear my grandmother made for me on it.  I should make the teddy a new collar though.

(side note: it turns out that I did this project about 3 weeks ago and it just took me that long to clear the bed to be photograph worthy)

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May 22, 2008. Tags: , . Thoughts.

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