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A cat has started meowing around our house (it even tried to dart in the door when I went outside one day).  Dog is going nuts– absolutely bonkers trying to get the cat.  Which means every so often we hear a loud crash that indicates our dog's head or paws have hit the glass window in the door.  We still aren't sure if he wants to play with it or eat it (I'm leaning towards "ohhhhh squeaky toy" which starts as play and ends as *chomp*).  My apologies to all my friends with cats, I love kitties, but they are not safe in my house.  I'm glad I have friends to visit where I can visit with kitties.

I have the best husband in the world.  He brought me my nectarine from the fridge instead of scarffing it down and going "nah nah nah I ate your nectarine".  Because I am a doufus who never thinks to eat fruit until someone (cough TheHusband cough) is eating fruit in front of me.  And he patiently leaves fruit in the fridge trying to be nice and not gobble it all up.

I am crafting, sort of.  I'm in the middle of an ironing board project that will not end.  And I really want it to because I'm itching, simply itching to buy some Amy Butler fabric to sew a cute summer dress.  I'm also working on several gifts that cannot be mentioned until I know they have been received.  Speaking of gifts, today I learned of the 8th baby that I know who will be born this year.  With all these babies I will never manage to knit myself a sweater.  Not to mention there are 3 babies born last year and I never managed to make a gift for them.  I just cannot keep up.  (We shall not speak of the baby blanket for the 2 3/4 year old).

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June 12, 2008. Tags: . Thoughts.

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  1. fractone replied:

    Excitement of the week: my mom found the pedal to the sewing machine my grandmother gave me LAST SUMMER (it's been missing all this time). Now I want to sew something fun and cute to wear in Las Vegas next week, but I have to work! Plus I have a 2-and-3/4-year-old keeping me company. And while I think she would be interested in the sewing, I don't think I could actually DO any without a distraction for her (read: Dad).

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