I’m alive

It has been almost a month.  I've composed several blog posts in my head, but haven't gotten around to posting them.  And now I'm approaching the task of rebuilding my iPhoto library due to a hard drive crash & burn.  I have back-ups, albeit, not in the most 'get it up and running' friendly format – I fear lots of importing is in my future.  And then there is the pesky problem of figuring out where I put the external hard drive with all of my documents on it.  And wondering exactly how much I am missing between my last back-up date and now.  We've had two hard drives die on us within the last month or so, luckily the first didn't contain any essential info that could only be found there (we hope – it mostly held music, which is also on TheHusbands laptop).  Needless to say we've come up with a more comprehensive, less end-user-initiated plan.  Anyway, a run-down:

I went to my cousin's wedding.  There was a bit of family drama (which seems to be the case when you know, you get lots of family members together).  The wedding itself was gorgeous and reminded me of something that you might see chronicled in a wedding magazine.  She had a great florist, oodles of orchids (yes orchids) and convinced her dad to build her lots of stuff, like the structure for the ceremony, 50 + boxes to serve as containers for the table arrangements and other things like the huge bamboo topiary things next to the ceremony structure.


I am about halfway done with a second sock, since I took it along with me as vacation knitting.  Even though I only managed to get between 1 and 2 inches done during my 6+ hour travel time to the wedding location.  I guess book reading and napping cut into the knitting time.

I made pie for the 4th of July.  Fresh Cherry Tart, Chocolate-Mint Ice Cream Pie and French Gooseberry Pie.


My sewing machine started making a clunking noise, but the bugger didn't do it when I took it in to be looked out, so now I need to come up with sewing projects that will not be mucked-up-and-require-lots-of-seam-ripping-if-it-craps-out-on-me-in-the-middle-of-the-project.  This sort of cuts into my finish WIP plan.  But hopefully this will help me pin down the precise conditions that elicit the awful no good noise.

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