Swatching Ultra Alpaca

While I save all my swatches I have a bad habit of losing the pieces of paper with pertinent info (you know, needle size, etc) so I’ve decided I need to record it somewhere, somewhere that I can’t lose.  Though this trick of tying knots (number of knots= US needle size) in the tail works nicely to help remember needle size.

swatching-ultra-alpacaI don’t really like to swatch and so often I pick small projects where fit isn’t essential, but when I decide to swatch I go all out.  I’ve used an entire ball of yarn to swatch (and then it occured to me that I actually did 1/4 of the lace portion for an entire tank top).  Knitters have looked at me and said, “you do realize you could have knit the thing by now right?”.  But I do worry about fit a lot and now I am swatching for my first sweater for me.  Originally my first adult sweater was going to be the Something Red pattern, but the idea of all that stockinette and ribbing isn’t so appealing at the moment, plus my yarn choice wasn’t feeling love for the pattern.  And so I decided to make the February Lady Sweater.  Except I’m still having swatching issues that will result in the sweater being modified for my swatch.  That is okay.  (The boring stuff is after the jump).

Swatches #1 & #2 – stockinette bordered by seed stitchua_seedstitch

US 8 (5 mm) Needle: 4 3/8″ wide 4″ tall

18 sts=4 3/8″ and 23 rows=4″

US 9 (5.5 mm) Needle: 4 7/8″ wide 4 1/2″ tall

20 sts=4 7/8″ and 25 rows=4 1/2″

Swatches #3 & #4 – garter stitch & gull lace


US 6 (4 mm) Needle: 4.86 stitches per inch (pre and post wash)

28 sts=5 3/4″ 20 ridges=4 7/8″

gull lace: 6 repeats = 3″ length pre-blocking

US 8 (5 mm) Needle: 4.3 stitches per inch (pre and post wash)

28 sts= 6 1/2″ 14 ridges=3 1/2″

gull lace: 4 repeats = 3″ length pre-blocking

Swatch #5 – garter stitch & gull lace

US 7 (4.5 mm) Needle: ???

28 sts=6 3/8″ to 6 1/2″ 18 ridges=4″ pre wash

October 15, 2008. Tags: , . Knitting.

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