Knitter’s block

I think it has been two weeks since I worked on my FLS.  Once I got over the eyelet stump the mess of splitty yarn markers made me crazy and I started a hunt for my favorite stitch markers, little itty bitty (maybe 3/8″ diameter) rubber hair bands.  But I couldn’t find them at Target (only in transparent colors which is pointless for stitch markers IMO), or any other store I thought would carry them (various drugstores and grocery stores with hair-care aisles).  Finally I decided to try my hand at making stitch markers, I went to the craft store one evening and picked up a nice big bag of 9 mm jump rings and then noticed larger seed beads on sale so I grabbed two colors.  I vaguely recalled seeing an etsy ad for stitch markers that looked like this and though I’d try making some (I’m sorry dear Etsy seller, I needed 34 markers and just couldn’t wait).  With the aid of my Bead Simple book to explain how to neatly work with jump rings (and the various jewelry pliers) I think the project was a success.  At least the markers look prettier on my WIP.
FLS with icky stitch markers    before and after Stitch Markers

Of course I don’t know how they work since I still haven’t knit anything on the FLS for two weeks.  Sigh.  At least I got a couple afghan ‘squares’ done for a charity project.  And a little bit of work done on a gift that I can’t blog about yet (the gift that won’t end until I pick it up and work on it again).

Update: Now that it is January I have finally uploaded the photos of the stitch markers.  I barely touched the FLS the entire month of December, instead I worked on a few presents for others.  And then I only worked on it for about a week before setting it down to knit a birthday gift for my grandmother.

November 26, 2008. Tags: . Knitting.

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