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Various craft blogs bring me great joy and a little bit of sorrow (sorrow might be too strong a word).  I love seeing what other people are creating, but sometimes they make me sad too.  Mostly it is my own fault, as I will spend too much time reading craft blogs and that eats into my crafting time.  Also, while it is nice to see what fabulous things people have created, I am a little bummed when they never share their crafting process – the highs and the lows – the “this is how I did it”.  It doesn’t have to be all carefully crafted and photographed tutorials but a few tidbits of the construction process is nice IMO.

After two years of lackluster blogging on Vox, I’ve decided to switch to WordPress’s free (hosted) version – I like that it seems to have more options should I choose to upgrade/grow the blog and actually spend some money on the blog.  Also, since I think I will continue with the food blogging in some manner, it will be nice to have both accounts in one place.

I really do like the journal aspect, and having a record of my creations.  I’m also trying to use it for those little notes that help refine construction and abilities along the way.  Hopefully other people will also find those posts useful (though myabe not the swatching series, since gauge is really quite personal).  Plus I seem to loose paper easier than bits and bytes.

January 2, 2009. Thoughts.

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  1. Gabriela Delworth replied:


    Just found your blog! Glad you like crafts!

    ~ Gabriela ~

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