Pajama Pants

Tonight On November 18th I finished a pair of pajama pants I started to sew 4 1/2 years ago.  I found cute Hello Kitty fabric in several colors and thought it would be fun for my sister and I to have coordinating pajama pants (we bought some for Mom too).  It was also going to be my sister’s first big sewing project.  We got as far as pre-washing all the fabric, ironing it and cutting out the the pattern and fabric for her pants.  Then the weekend was over, she went home and the pants lived in a plastic Hobby Lobby bag in an under-the-bed storage box until I repurposed the box for some other stuff.  I transferred the fabric to my sewing closet and then went about life.  I’m currently trying to get a handle on the crafting space and decided to tackle easier (read: all decisions made) projects.  It only took two nights, maybe 3 hours tops and that included iron warming and internet breaks.  I’m ridiculously proud of myself for completing a pair of pajama pants.

Hello Kitty Pajamas

January 21, 2009. Tags: . Sewing.


  1. rosewillow replied:

    Well done! The fabric is adorable. 🙂

    • anotheryarn replied:

      Thank you. Now I just need to find a matching t-shirt and send it to the recipient.

  2. Frustration « Anotheryarn’s Weblog replied:

    […] quilt I was using fabric that I bought 5 years ago in another state and had very little extra of one key fabric – if that fabric didn’t have enough to go around my whole quilt premise would need to be […]

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