Quilting plans

When my mom gave me a sewing machine I think she secretly wanted to get me hooked on quilting too (she included a stack of quilting cottons and a quilt pattern in the sewing machine box).  That didn’t happen at all last year, but now I have three quilts planned out in my head.

Hello Kitty Quilt Fabrics
The first quilt is for my cousin, and since no one in my family currently knows about the blog I can still talk about it.  I already have the fabrics for the top and the pattern.  I just need to get my  butt in gear and cut it out and sew it up.  My mom just put me to shame by putting together 80 scrappy boxy star squares and then assembling the quilt top in just 2 days.  I bought the remainder of my fabric on January 9th and it has been percolating since.

The second quilt is going to be either a nine-patch possibly with sashing inspired by this (oh where did I find that link though?) or a whirlygiggle quilt (blatantly copying Crazy Mom Quilts).  I plan on using this fat-quarter pack that I impulsively purchased on JoAnn’s when I went in to take advantage of a book sale.  Since then I bought a second pack but am slowly falling out of like with the fabric.  At first it struck me as a wonderful grey and pink combination, but now all the grey and black is calling attention to itself.  Hopefully I will find the right solid pink to compliment the fabrics.
Tempting Fat Quarters

The third quilt is an idea I’ve been toying around with in my head since December, but I’m not really ready to share it.  If it is actually an original idea I’d hate to see someone else complete it first.  If it isn’t I’m not ready to see other variations anyway.

Now I just need to grab that machine quilting book that is waiting for me at the library before my hold expires.

February 3, 2009. Tags: . quilting, Thoughts.

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