chain piecingLast week I sat down and really worked on the Hello Kitty Quilt.  As my mom reminds me every few days, March is coming very soon (the baby shower is March 7th and I need to send it to arrive by then).  I ironed all the fabric, figured out how much I really needed to cut out (since I’m scaling the quilt down from 36 to 25 blocks) and with a big deep breath* cut out all my fabric, and sewed each block together. I had fun with the chain piecing.

And then the weekend hit and I stopped. Today, after another reminder from mom about the upcoming deadline, I started trying to square up my quilt blocks.  I had a vague description from mom on how to do this, I went out and bought a square ruler, but then it turns out the new-to-me quilting book I bought doesn’t explain how to do this (argh).  I found some description online that sounded like I needed to cut out 25 squares of freezer paper.  Instead I decided to forge ahead.  I sewed the blocks into 5 strips.  I was careful about lining things up, checking things with a ruler, at one point I started marking the seamline on the back of my fabric.  But now that I have each strip ironed and laid out on top each other I know that my last 3 hours or so of work (with internet breaks, but still) plus some quality time with the seam ripper will result in this picture I took 5 days ago.

blocks pieced

*The thing I love about yarn is that even when I screw up the pattern I can rip it out and still have my raw material ready to try again.  With this quilt I was using fabric that I bought 5 years ago in another state and had very little extra of one key fabric – if that fabric didn’t have enough to go around my whole quilt premise would need to be rethought and two new fabrics purchased.

February 16, 2009. Tags: . quilting.

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