Quilt Top

I feel like I have really completed my first quilt top, even though I’ve made a couple quilts entirely from squares sewn together.  I think I must have ripped out at least half the seams once and a few of them twice, let’s not count all the phone calls to mom over various concerns (in reality I do think there were more ripped seams than phone calls).  I am proud to say that I’ve turned this:
Hello Kitty Quilt Fabrics

Into this:
Quilt Top

It didn’t go quite as planned since when I started sewing the white & purple fabric as a border I didn’t like what I saw. A few phone calls to mom and much frustration over not being able to both see and point to things and I finally settled on using just the black & white polka dot borders I already had cut (if they hadn’t been cut they might have been scrapped too).  Hopefully tomorrow I will find the right color of purple ribbon to sew between the pieced area and the polka dots.  I will also be using the pink fabric for the binding.

Then there was the big panic over how to square up the quilt blocks. I looked online, I looked in quilting books and found no really good explanations on how to square up a block using a square ruler; I couldn’t comprehend my mom’s verbal instructions and so, on her urging, I gathered my stuff up and went to a local fabric store focused on quilting cottons, where the very nice proprietor (I think) basically told me I was being too anal. But really my issue was that a few of the blocks were about 1/16″ to 1/8″ smaller than they should have been. And due to the thin border around the purple and pink block it wasn’t prudent IMO to downsize all the blocks. A good amount of seam ripping occurred while putting the blocks into strips and strips into a quilt top. 

After buying 4 yards for the backing and contemplating buying a new purple fabric to replace the white and purple polka dot fabric I felt like I was using a lot of fabric for a little baby quilt, well a not so little baby quilt since the quilt will be approximately 48″ x 48″.  This is what remains (the only troubling bit is the yard of white and purple polka dots):

February 23, 2009. Tags: . quilting.

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