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Last week I got disgusted with my left desk drawer where I keep the officey things that I grab regularly – mostly pens plus a few other things.  The drawer itself is pretty small, just over 6″ wide and not even 3″ deep and maybe 11″ long.  I’d been meaning to measure it and grab some small dividing bins the next time I saw some the right size, but I’d had it, plus I had fears of loosing some of that precious storage space since many store bought bins have sloped sides.  Then I remembered making origami boxes many years ago, so I decided to grab some of art paper hanging around since college and try folding up a couple boxes.  I decided on two boxes, each 3″ wide, 6″ inches deep and about 2″ tall.  I found the center of the paper, drew out my footprint (going from the center out) and then scoring, folding and a little trimming (no longer considered origami) to my finished box (no glue, tape or staples since I added the cuff):

Pen Box

Once a second box was made, the contents re-arranged (pen boxes in back, otherwise they would have entirely blocked access to the back half of the drawer) and I had a much neater desk drawer for free.

Desk Drawer - Improved

April 10, 2009. Tags: . Organization, Solutions.

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