So close

so close I’m so close to finishing my FLS, I’m not sure why I’m not obsessively knitting.  I think I’ve wound my last skein (with one to spare) of Ultra Alpaca.  Skein #1 got me through the yoke and a couple lace repeats, Skein #2 got me through about 13 lace repeats on the body and Skein #3 plus a wee bit of Skein #4 got me through the sleeves; in the picture to the right, I’m on garter ridge #5 (of 7) when I had to join skein #4.

Right now I’m also banking on the advice that both Ultra Alpaca and the FLS in general will “bloom” and get bigger – the sleeves strike me as a little short each time I try it on, I worry I jumped a few garter ridges on finishing the yoke… but if it stretches and grows the way the collective knitterly brain says it will all should be well. However at the moment the idea of negative ease on a garment that is supposed to be swingy seems counter intuitive (and I’m a believer of negative ease in general). sweater progess Whenever I try to see how it looks in back the yoke seems to be stretched down towards my armpits instead of a nice gently curved line where the lowest point is at my center back  the lowest points (yes, plural) of the yoke are at my armpits while it is shortest at the center back.  It appears that my beautiful buttons may never get buttoned since the yolk needs to stretch, the kind of stretch that says “too small, but wearing it anyway” before the   meet. I think I cast-off at the sleeve cuffs too tightly since they seem to bubble in instead of the graceful slight bell shape seen on the FLS’s pattern photos.  Oh I’m worried, and frustrated that I need to weave ends in and block before I will really know the outcome.

I desperately want to finish this sweater successfully.  And move on to new projects, a summer tank top (or three), a cute vest, a beret for my best friend, fingerless gloves for myself, etc.

April 15, 2009. Tags: . Knitting.

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