Until I get my act together and get some knitted finished object photos you will have to just deal with a gardening update (but all the cool kids are doing it).  I finally got around to planting my radish seeds on, um, May 31, just a mere month after saying I was going to do it.  I was hoping the typically cool summers would be kind to my radishes and so far so good.  The radishes and the arugula have sprouted and doing well.  I have not accidentally dehydrated them yet, though I do need to turn the containers often because they already have tell-tale leaning toward the non-covered side of the porch.  However in fear I did overplant and must mercilessly thin them.

And I am happy to report my mint plant is happy. 5 weeks ago my mint plant was a little thing with 3 major stems and now it has started becoming almost bushy. However I forgot to take a picture of the rosemary, it is taller but still has the same overall shape and stems. I haven’t needed to water these guys at all since our complex has sprinklers which go off every morning whether they need to or not (it is quite ridiculous to see sprinklers operating in the rain), if anything I need to remember to drain the excess water from the saucers.

April 30

June 10

Finally I also planted some cat grass (that I bought last fall) for TheDog, who loves loves loves to eat grass.  We take him on walks and he stops to chew on grass, we take him to play with other doggies and he gets all excited, does a couple play bows and then lays down to eat grass (sometimes convincing the other dogs to lay down and munch on grass as well to the annoyance of us dog owners who want doggies who are tired from chasing each other).

June 11, 2009. Tags: , . Thoughts.


  1. Kelli replied:

    Okay, I am jealous of that weather. It is official. My basil looks like a Chernobyl victim at this point and my tomatoes are shot.

    • anotheryarn replied:

      Ah, but I don’t even have enough sun and heat to grow basil (some do, but not my north facing, tree surrounded patio). I can’t believe I just complained about having trees. *shakes head*

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