5 years ago, more and less

Christmas of 2003 my mother-in-law gave me a “learn to knit” gift and I still look back quite fondly on that gift (even though it turns out I don’t like knitting on 14″ straight aluminum needles; she was not a knitter and 14″ straight needles are really quite iconic, and therefore quite understandable).  I spent the first 6 months or so just trying to figure things out.  Finally by that summer I was successfully knitting rectangles and I had a goal of knitting a hat for my boss, who was expecting her first baby.  I don’t quite remember how long the pattern hunt was or when I discovered knitting in the round, but the first hat (and I believe my first decreases) resulted in a misshapen hat that only seemed to fit Dog. According to the file this was taken November 10, 2004.

First knitted hat?

Looking back at this picture (I recently added all my old photos from computer #1 and computer #2 to my current computer #3) I realized that it really wasn’t so bad at all. Sure it was too big around and too short, but it was just a test-knit to see if I could manage to do decreases and knit a good gift. The problem, that I was not about to document at that time, was the seaming. The pattern instructions went something like, “and seam the hat.” I’m pretty sure the book itself didn’t have an example of the mattress stitch and now I’m not sure why I didn’t check Knitty (turns out their great Mattress Stitch article was published in the Spring 2004 issue) or Knittinghelp.com – but the end result was that I never made a hat for my boss’s baby and I don’t have evidence of another knitted project until December 2005 (IIRC).

I’m not sure when I started my first scarf, though I know at that point I had bought the Stitch ‘n Bitch book, because I based my scarf on their simple garter stitch scarf.  It was probably in early fall of 2005.  I had a new winter coat and wanted a scarf to go with it, I found this lovely chenille-esque yarn at Michael’s in the right shade of green (Lion Brand Suede) and cast on. I quickly grew bored, I do remember it was rather laborious to move it stitch along, what with my new knitters snug dear god don’t let these stitches fall off the needles tight tension and the super grippy nature of the yarn.  And the project did not grow at all and I quickly lost interest and decided my brown velvet scarf worked just fine.  Finally we took a road trip in early December and I forced myself to work on the scarf, so between 6 hours in the car and an evening playing clue my scarf went from “too short” to “too long” suddenly it was slightly taller than me.  I was incredibly happy with it though (failing to notice the wonky stitches and random loose stitches) and wore that scarf for two winters before retiring it.  In early 2008 I was doing some closet cleaning and decided that instead of hanging on to it forever I’d just take a few pictures and get rid of the scarf.  By the time I stopped using the scarf it had grown from slightly taller than to to twice my height!

My First Scarf

July 6, 2009. Knitting.

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