I went ahead and made another swatch with that ball of yellow cotton-ease on US 8s in-the-round.  And this time my pre-wash stitch gauge was spot on.  But I couldn’t find the right length circ. Instead of driving all over town looking for one needle  I ended up putting in a Knit Picks order (woo, book sale) and grabbed a couple more of their interchangable needles, and oh, hey free shipping, I might as well try a couple skeins of yarn while I’m at it.  Today I got the package.  Woo goodies! In addition to three needles (US4 and US8 harmony tips, a 24″ cable set, a 40″ cable set and one fixed 40″ US1 harmony), and the yarn you can see, I also got Custom Knits (wondering why I waited so long, though who knows when I’ll manage to cast-on for a project from this book) and The Harmony Guide: Cables and Arans.

Knit Picks order

While I was waiting for that order I went ahead and finished the first Marigold Sock. I hemmed and hawed about turning them into knee socks for like a month before I decided to just finish the sock, this way I have a small chance of completing my annual pair of socks. And I cast-on (5 times, darn long-tail cast-on) for my sassymetrical. I don’t think I’ve been knitting very much lately but I still managed to get through a skein in just over a week. One skein gave me about 4″ in length. I don’t feel experienced enough to say I will have enough yarn but I am still hopeful since the original measures about 12″ neckline to hem.

sassymetrical after 1 skein

July 21, 2009. Knitting.

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