Too much heat, followed by marathon “hello I can cook again” temperatures, followed by a camping trip followed by Sock Summit (the last two in the same weekend) have left me overwhelmed.  I feel like I should blog, I’m certainly behind.  I have so much to say I can’t manage to organize any of it.  I have to finish a certain little girl’s birthday dress, except it isn’t done and there is no way it will get there in time, so I guess it will be a late present. I have piles of crafting stuff all over the office-craft room and it so isn’t ready for a show and tell that I’d like to do (plus the handful of projects that I think would make the space feel “done”).  But all I really want to do is sit and knit.  Which is at least useful on the birthday dress front, except then I get up to do laundry or dishes or water the plants I keep nearly killing or read a few more things in my RSS feeds.

Hippie Knitting Bag?So I will jump in with this.  I went to Sock Summit.  I am a lucky lucky girl.  I even managed to take a class on my class-wish-list and make it to the luminary panel (oh wow).  But I didn’t buy any yarn, which I’m now sort of regretting, but there will be more yarn, there will be more opportunities and I have plenty to keep me busy at home as-is.  I bought a couple cardboard tube sock-in-progress dpn protectors (sadly they are very pretty and I didn’t see any pretty versions in the marketplace) and cute/witty pins for my knitting bag.  TheHusband has declared that my bag is like a hippie car covered in bumper stickers (I always sort of had a soft spot for cars with oodles of bumper stickers even though I don’t want any stickers on my car at all).

And I won an afghan even though I never win anything.  See, Larissa Brown of Knitalong organized (did someone else, I’m fuzzy on that?) a barn-raising quilt square along (7.5″ squares made center out from sock yarn) and managed to put together 11 blankets to benefit Doctors Without Borders.  I actually stopped by and helped sew up a few squares (including one whole strip on the blanket I won, which I didn’t realize until I got home and was taking notes on all the knitters who worked on this blanket).  After I helped sew up the squares, I was beginning to itch to make my own but now I don’t have to (even though I still sort of want to, it has now been pushed to the bottom of the “maybe someday” list).  However I am contemplating knitting a border around the afghan, but I haven’t really decided yet – it is a back burner project for now.  It is beautiful. I have a less pretty, but straight-on picture in which I will note where each square came from save a couple squares that either never had tags or the tags had fallen off.

Sock Yarn Afghan

August 14, 2009. Tags: . Thoughts.


  1. Chris T. replied:

    That quilt is really cool. Congrats to you. Now I have to read your post about how to justify buying a dress when you don’t really need one because I just did!

  2. Elizabeth replied:

    That’s very cool that you won the afghan. I was in their booth at SS09 when they were making calls: “Hello, you won the afghan!” I wonder if you were on the other line!

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