Over a year

I started exploring other blogging platforms a couple years ago.  Last summer (July 2008) I settled on WordPress for a food-specific blog that I started and then in October I decided to start posting my crafting adventures there as well.  Clearly most of my neighborhood here has stopped posting too, since I don't get weekly updates nearly as often.  Bookishbiker's departure announcement reminded me that I never came back to make my own announcement.  I wanted to make sure that I was happy with the new blog before committing to the switch and I wanted it to have a decent amount of content before I mentioned anything.  The best of intentions…

If you are still interested in reading my adventures in crafting please visit Anotheryarn Crafts, and if you are interested in reading my adventures in cooking (focused on using my CSA veggies) please visit Anotheryarn Eats.

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October 1, 2009. Thoughts.


  1. bookishbiker replied:

    I'm so glad you said something! I'm now subscribed to both your blogs.

  2. Radu replied:

    i have almost a year too :)I agree with you !Cheers,Potenta

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