It was supposed to be simple

I love knitting hats.  They are quick, often one-skein, projects.  Except when they aren’t – then they are very frustrating.  To make things easy I picked a pattern, Turn-a-Square, which had a few elements I liked even though I though I didn’t plan on doing stripes.  I even did a small gauge swatch, it didn’t meet You know where this is going right?

Thanksgiving day: I cast-on, knit for about 4 inches and did a gauge check.  4.5 stitches per inch.  The pattern calls for 5 stitches per inch.

take 1

Yup. I frogged it. Did some math (so much for using a pattern to keep it simple) and cast-on again. This time I got about half-way into my increases when I discovered the hat was going to become way too long (my fault since I went a few rounds too many), ripped about 2″ and started the decreases again. This time I got almost done when I realized that a) I skipped a few decreases somewhere along the way or b)my markers weren’t placed evenly around the work. Ripped about 3″ and started again. It was at knit night, 2 weeks after starting this hat, that I discovered I had messed up the placement of my decreases again and ripped again (about 1″) and started the decreases again. Finally on Thursday I finished the hat. Yay.


Pattern: Turn-a-Square, modified for gauge and plainness
Yarn: Spud & Chloe Sweater, not quite 70 grams worth
Needle: US 6 for ribbing and US 7 for stockinette and decreasing, switched from bryspun to KP options for magic-looping the decreases
Time: 2nd cast-on November 29-December 10
Length brim to center top: 7 3/4″ (and after all that it might be too short)
Inches ripped to be re-knit: 10″

December 19, 2009. Tags: . Knitting.


  1. Emily replied:

    Ah, knitting. Always knows how to kick us when we’re down. I just had to rip out 8 rows of a fingerless mitten because I apparently can’t read directions.

    • anotheryarn replied:

      blurgh. And yet we keep going back 🙂

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